Surface Drying
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Surface Drying

A specialist machine can be utilised to dry and warm surfaces, usually roads, runways and race tracks – In the fastest possible way.

The machine travels over the surfaces and the hot airstream moisture, water, snow or ice leaving a dry surface for numerous applications to be applied.

The surface temperature is monitored constantly and the area can be dried without affecting the original surface construction, as the temperature, airflow, diffuser height and speed is adjustable and is fully controlled by the operator.

The machine consists of a small turbine engine mounted on a trailer with a specially designed air diffuser. The trailer is towed by a 4x4 vehicle and is very manoeuvrable and flexible to fit in most areas.

The entire process is equipped with all the necessary safety demands and the necessary paperwork such as method and risk statement, insurance, health and safety policy, operational manual and fully trained and skilled CSCS operatives.

In an ideal environment the machine can dry up to 5,000sq.m per day.

Surface Drying
Surface Drying
Surface Drying


  1. To dry and warm road surfaces for surface application such as anti-skid, white lining, decorative finishing, membrane and waterproofing, surface draining applications.
  2. To dry and warm bridge joints ready for sealing.
  3. To clear snow and ice from runways and other transport networks.
  4. To dry test tracks and skid pan areas to measure traction and remove the slipperiness as a result of rain, black ice or snow.
  5. To dry drag strips and race circuits from rain affected areas.
  6. To clean sandy race circuits from dust, sand, debris and spillages of fluid.

Previous Clients

  • Eurovia – Olympic Park
  • Bardon – Dartford Tunnel
  • Scottish Highways – Lake Lochmond
  • Carillion – M40 Junction 3-4
  • Millbrook – Drying of skid pads
  • JMS Lincoln – Liskeard Retail Park, Cornwall
  • Asphalt Reinforcing – M40
  • Delmar Flooring – A9 Helmsdale & A433 Westonbirt
  • Morrison Construction – Drying of Oval Circuit surface
  • Santa Pod Raceway – Drying of race track
  • Rockingham Motor Speedway – Drying and debris removal

Technical Specification

  • Exhaust/Diffuser Temperature – 100-400°C
  • Weight of Machine – 1,500kg
  • Fuel – Jet A1
  • Noise – 85db at 5 metre
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